IT Support in London

IT Support in London

For Business & Residential Users

Your IT Systems - Safe In Our Hands

Whether you are a business or residential user, there may come a time where you need the assistance of expert IT support in London, to help resolve issues with your computer systems. Such assistance may be required on a one-off, or on-going basis, depending on your specific requirements.

At IT Results, we offer several IT support solutions to assist our clients' with their computer issues:

Pay As You Go IT Support – For business and residential users requiring rapid assistance, on an ad-hoc basis.

Managed IT Services – For small to medium-sized companies who wish to outsource the day to day operation of their IT systems.

Based in Erith, Kent, we have excellent transport links to London and the South East, and can provide same day resolution to your IT issues, either on-site or over remote support sessions.

Pay As You Go IT Support

Pay As You Go IT Support

As a residential user, you may encounter problems with your desktop, or laptop computer, that you cannot fix yourself. For example, a broken Windows 11 installation.

Similarly, you might be a small business that has an issue with their Server, and do not have anyone in-house with the necessary knowledge to repair the problem.

When these unforseen problems arise, you will often require the assistance of a knowledgeable IT support provider, such as IT Results, who can analyse what your issue is and find a suitable solution.

Consequently, we offer our Pay As You Go IT support service.

Rapid Problem Resolution

We can analyse and resolve your computer problems rapidly, thereby keeping any disruption, and your IT costs, to a minimum.

IT Support on Demand

We provide IT support to our London business and residential clients, as and when required, seven days a week.

No Monthly Contracts

There are no contractual requirements to use our Pay As You Go IT support service. All you pay for, is the time we spend fixing your problem.

Some Of Our Pay As You Go IT Support Services

We are able to configure, and support, a wide range of computer hardware, software and network solutions for our London clients. Some examples include the following:

PC Computer Image  
Hardware Support
  •   Windows Server Configuration
  •   PC / Apple Mac Configuration
  •   Laptop Configuration
  •   PC Hardware Upgrades
  •   Mobile Device Configuration
  •   Printer Configuration
  •   Hardware Procurement

Software Support Image  
Software Support
  •   Software Config / Upgrades
  •   Office 365 Configuration
  •   Cloud / On-Site Backups
  •   Server Virtualisation
  •   Virus and Malware Removal
  •   Software Procurement
  •    Cyber Security Services

Internet Router Image  
Network Support
  •   Windows Server Monitoring
  •   Active Directory Management
  •   Wi-Fi Configuration
  •   VPN Configuration & Support
  •   Firewall / Router Configuration
  •   DNS Configuration / Support
  •   Network Security

Using Our PAYG IT Support Couldn't Be Easier

Contact Us
Make Contact

Call our IT support team on 0203 488 8940 to discuss your issue. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact us page.

Remote Machine Access
Remote Access

You will need to provide us with remote access to your equipment, so we can diagnose what the problem is.

Computer Repair
Provide Solution

We will offer potential solutions to your issue, and advise on the associated costs, prior to carrying out any repairs.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services London

If you are a company located in London, or the South East, and require a comprehensive IT support solution, then look no further.

IT Results can take on the daily management of all your computer systems, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Our technical support team can monitor your servers, network infrastructure, and email system, identifying and resolving any problems, before they can affect your users.

We can also implement various network security protocols, to help protect your IT systems from attack, such as Firewalls and VPN connectivity for remote access users.

Features Of Our Managed IT Services

Fixed Monthly Fee

For a fixed monthly fee, we can provide your business with a guaranteed level of managed IT support, tailored to your requirements. **

Virtual IT Department

We can become your IT Department, taking on all aspects of your IT Support, computer hardware and software procurement, and training.

Dedicated IT Support Team

Your staff will have unlimited access to our remote techincal support team, who will be able to fix most of the issues that arise, on the fly.

Out of Hours Availability

We can perform essential system maintenance, outside of working hours, or at weekends, keeping any potential disruption to a minimum.

Proactive Problem Resolution

Any server or network issues will be resolved on a proactive basis, either remotely or by attending site, if required.

Free IT Advisory

We will analyse your IT infrastructure periodically, and advise on any enhancements that can be implemented to improve your systems.

Cyber Security Services

We will examine your exisiting Cyber Security implementation and suggest ways of strengthening it, using the latest technologies.

Cloud Services

We can migrate your existing in-house systems to cloud services, giving increased system availability, and reduce running costs.

Note:** The monthly fee covers the cost of managing the existing IT infrastructure at the time of on-boarding with us. If additional IT systems need to be added to the support package, over time, then this will be reflected in the monthly cost.

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