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IT System Relocation

We specialise in relocating IT systems

IT System Relocation Requires Careful Planning

IT System relocation can be a stressful exercise for businesses, particularly when it comes to moving premises, as there will be a number of factors to take into account:

Getting answers to these questions may not always be an easy task, particularly if you do not have competent IT support in-house.

How IT Results Can Assist With Your IT System Relocation

Having assisted a number of London companies with their IT system relocation, we are well versed in the processes required to effect a smooth transition between premises.

We can manage your IT system relocation from start to finish, liaising with third parties where required, to ensure the successful installation of any network and telecoms services.

Some of the ways we can assist with your IT system relocation are discussed below:

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  • Analyse your existing network setup, identiftying the number of patch panels and network ports in use
  • Attend your new premises and review the pre-existing network infrastructure
  • Evaluate your requirements for future network expansion
  • Document our findings, making recommendations where necessary
  • Arrange for new / additional network cabling and patch panels to be installed, if required

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Internet Connectivity

  • Evaluate your bandwidth requirements, budget, and time frame for installation
  • Research available internet services available at your new premises (FTTC, EFM, Leased Line etc)
  • Recommend suitable solutions based on your criteria
  • Liaise with your chosen ISP, to arrange installation of your internet connection
  • Configure your firewall for use with your new connection

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  • Review your existing telephony solution, including the number of users, telephone numbers, DDI's etc
  • If using a traditional PBX, explore moving to a hosted Voice over IP service
  • Recommend suitable solutions based on your specific requirements
  • Arrange for the installation of your VOIP telephone system
  • Assist your VoIP provider, by making any firewall / network changes required to make the system functional

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Servers & Workstations

  • Document your existing system with relevant network diagrams
  • Agree any changes to the system configuration, prior to re-installation
  • Dismantle your IT system at your existing premises
  • Rebuild the network at your new premises, implementing any agreed modifications
  • Check all servers and workstations can access web services using your new internet connection

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Web Services

  • Arrange new IP address ranges with your ISP, where there is a requirement to host external web and email servers
  • Configure your router / firewall with new IP address ranges and redeploy your external servers
  • Set up VPN connectivity for remote workers to access the network
  • Update your external DNS with new server IP addresses
  • Reconfigure MX / SPF / PTR records in your DNS, to ensure smooth email delivery

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