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Implementing the Right IT Systems

IT systems are the backbone of most businesses, allowing groups of employees to collaborate, as well as providing various platforms for communication with the outside world, in the form of websites, email and social media.

With the constant changing pace of technology, hardware and software is often out of date within a few years of implementation. This will have a knock- on effect, especially where management systems no longer provide useful information to a business.

When faced with this situation, companies will either try to resolve the shortcomings of their existing system, or look at implementing a new solution.

Our approach to systems development is simple and cost effective:

Businesses will often have a fixed budget and limited frame for implementation, so will adopt an an off-the-shelf software package. However, where the available solutions do not feed the needs of the business, a bespoke software package will be required.

HCL Notes / Domino

Over the years, IT Results have designed a number of bespoke management systems using a product called HCL Notes / Domino, formerly known as Lotus Notes and then IBM Notes. The software is built on a client /server architecture, incorporating tools for building bespoke databases, an email system, integrated workflow, and a web server.

Domino servers can be dispersed geographically, hosting copies of specific databases that can be updated by all users, using a Notes client, Nomad client for Apple / Android, and via a web browser, if the application has been so enabled. The synchronisation of databases takes place, on a scheduled basis, using a process called replication.

HCL Notes Database Example

Every database contains a series of documents, views and agents:

  • Documents are added to a database by users, using pre-designed data entry forms, which are also used to display the information, once entered on the system.
  • Views are used to display a summary of the documents in a database, based on specific criteria. If you look at the example CRM database above, the view shows a list of companies, sorted by account manager.
  • Agents are special tasks that run on a server, designed to aid the workflow process. They can be programmed to trigger, based on a specific events, such as no action having taken place on a document for 2 weeks, performing tasks including emailing users and updating documents.

Notes provides excellent security, allowing for the controlled access to database information, including the hiding of sensitive data within documents, based on the user interrogating the system.

There is obviously a lot more we could say about HCL Notes / Domino, but in practice, seeing is believing ! So why not get in touch, and we can give you a short demo of Notes / Domino in action.

Is it time to review your IT Systems?

Need to Upgrade your IT Infrastructure?

In addition to providing Systems Development services, we also specialise in the design, and implementation, of IT infrastructures necessary for businesses to function at an optimum level. Some examples include:

For more information about how we can help with your IT infrastructure, please get in touch.