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Residential Users - SW London

Client Case Study


IT Results have been assisting these residential users based in South West London, for several years. We provide them with ad-hoc London IT support, as and when required.

Some of the ways that we assisted our client are summarised below:

Pay As You Go IT Support

The couple are both heavy users of Apple equipment, with them each having an iPhone, MacBook and iPad. We provide them with onsite and remote IT support, depending on what we are required to do:

 System Advice

We provide advice, troubleshoot system issues, and install system updates, as and when required.

 Email Configuration

The couple have several email addresses, including private domains, which we configure across all their devices.

Anti Virus

We have implemented various anti-virus solutions over the years, including Norton Security and Malwarebytes.

Problem Resolution

In 2018, we assisted the couple in cleaning up their systems, and implementing suitable Cyber Security, after becoming victims of a savage phishing attack.

The couple had received an email that purported to come from the TV Licensing authority, asking them to update / confirm their details. The fact that the email was received around the time that theywere due to renew their licence, made them believe the email to be authentic.

phishing email

Within minutes of opening the email and being duped into updating their financial details on the "TV Licensing" website, a hacker had opened new accounts with Amazon, in our client's name, and was ordering goods to be sent to him / her.

They also managed to gain access to our client's Virgin Media account, where they created new mail rules to forward all of our client's emails to them, in order that our client would not be alerted to what was going on.

Luckily, Virgin Media spotted the suspicious activity and locked the account. However, this meant that our client could neither log into their admin portal, or access any of their emails.

We were asked for our help on the matter, as speaking to Virgin's customer services on the phone was not really of any assistance.

We were asked for our help on the matter, as speaking to Virgin's customer services on the phone was not really of any assistance.

Hence, we opened up a thread on Virgin Media's forums where we managed to get assistance from the Customer Service team. After several emails, providing the necessary information to pass their security checks, we were able to regain access to the account. Once in the account, we set up new passwords and got the email block lifted.

Given that the email had been opened on one of the MacBooks, we took the precaution of installing Malwarebytes on both laptops, to make sure that they were clean from any malware. We also ran full system scans using Norton Security.

We advised our client to change all their passwords for Amazon / PayPal / eBay etc, using strong passwords for added protection.

Given that financial details had been disclosed, our client also had their bank account numbers changed.

Be vigilant when opening emails

This is a typical example of why you should always check the sender of an email, before opening website links.

When you open an email, and look at the From field, this will usually give away whether or not it is authentic.

For example, an email from TV licencing will come from the domain and not

You should also be suspect of mail messages where the message appears to come from one email address, but asks you to reply to another.

e.g. From: Reply To:

If you do get an email that looks suspect, you can copy the email address into a google search, which will normally throw up whether it is bogus, or not.

In the alternative, you can contact us, and we will happily assist you.

Are you the victim of a phishing attack?